Brighter Spaces – Islington, London


Brighter Spaces - Islington


A short 10 minute walk from Angel Tube station in leafy north London.  Easy connections to London Kings Cross, St Pancras and Euston stations. 

What's on offer

A cross between a plush boutique hotel, quality office space and a Harley Street Clinic. Comfortable, cost effective and welldesigned rooms for small meetings.  A comprehensive range of consultation and therapy rooms that can’t fail to impress health and wellbeing professionals. Proactive and friendly concierge assistance and a great feeling of peace and serenity throughout the building. Option to use the in-house kitchen for DIY refreshments. 

Why Book?

Brighter Spaces is all about booking flexible, cost effective meeting space which can be managed online quickly and with minimum fuss.  Book by the hour, half or full day, or longer.  Good value room rates with excellent cancellation policyA home away from home and an ideal retreat for those looking to hold a creative team away day or discreet meeting where you won’t get disturbed.


It looks as if another gap in the meetings and room hire market may have been identified. And if first impressions are anything to go by, the future is very bright indeed for Brighter Spaces.   

The interest in the wellness and wellbeing market certainly shows no sign of slowing down.  Coaching and counsellingPhysiotherapy and psychotherapy.  Mindfulness and holistic medicine.  But the challenge often is where people can practice in an affordablesecure and quality workspace.  Brighter Spaces might just be the answer and whilst focussing principally for the needs of wellbeing health professionals, they also offer meeting space (Group Space) ideal for those looking to hold an event for up to 10 peopleHowever, Brighter Spaces really does come into its own for smaller numbers of between 2-6 delegates (My Space/Our Space) and certainly fills a gap for bookers looking for a room(s) to perhaps hold an interview, small private meeting or assessment centre.  

Brighter Spaces - break out room
Brighter Spaces - informal
Brighter Spaces - meeting room


As soon as you walk through the door and are met by a smiling receptionist (concierge), you immediately feel at home in a relaxed, safe environment.  The design and décor have clearly been carefully considered. What is essentially a beautiful Victorian Town House has been lovingly restored and brought in to the 21st century without losing any of its original charm.  Light floods in to many of the rooms and it’s easy to see why the name Brighter Spaces has been coined. 

A home away from home, this is an ideal retreat away from all the hustle and bustle.  Creative team away days will generate pages of flipchart idea here.  Or for those discreet conversations away from prying eyes and listening ears, it’s reassuring to know that you won’t get disturbed or discovered for that matter. 

Brighter Spaces business model is clever from the overall look and feel of the venue itself through to thought which has been given to the booking process.  This is all about flexibility.  Simply go online, check availability and pay by credit card before receiving your unique door entry code.  Simples!  But the really clever bit is the ability to be able to book a room by the hour, half ofull day with no on-going commitment.  Plus, unlike some venues you won’t get caught out if your planschange with their sensible and fair 48-hour cancellation policy. 

Rates are around £20 an hour with discounts of up to 20% for a full day’s hire. A generous 1 free hour is offered to entice you to experience and there are further discounts available for multiple bookings which means that your budget will always be protected.  

Brighter Spaces - break out informal
Brighter Spaces - reception


  • Love the little noise reduction boxes in each of the rooms which help guarantee that you won’t be able to hear what’s going on next door 
  • There’s no long term commitment or contracts that scare.  Book as you go, when you want 
  • A short walk away are many cafes, restaurants for food and refreshments.  Or bring your own and use the small kitchen to prepare sandwiches, tea and coffee 
  • There’s a consistency of design and standards for each room so you know exactly what you will be getting.  Brighter space excellent online photography is as it is which is a refreshing change 
  • The main Group Space meeting room features a wall mounted screen, suitable for any presentation 
  • Forgotten to print something?  Don’t worry, there’s a handy printer in each room 
Brighter Spaces - one to one
Brighter Spaces - kitchen


  • There are no lifts within the building and the stair width is narrow to reach rooms on most floors 
  • The kitchen is small and is domestic rather than commercial 
  • There is limited car parking nearby so best go by tube! 
  • Perhaps an obvious thing to state, but this is not a typical hotel or meeting venue with associated facilities, so be realistic should you have this type of expectation 


  • Don’t be put off if you think that Brighter Spaces is purely for health and wellbeing professionals.  Whilst it is true to say that this is their main focus, anybody that needs a highquality small meeting room or place to catch up should add to their wish list of venue options 
  • Special note of praise for the receptionist.  Helpful, kind and true believer that #serviceisthesecret 
Brighter Spaces - round table syndicate room
Brighter Spaces - relaxation


Currently there are two other Brighter Spaces in addition to the Angel, London.  Guildford in Surrey and Wilmslow in Cheshire are all part of the family and we feel sure it will only be a matter of time before others spring up all over the country. It’s a simple but effective formula and one that really does offer an alternative for those looking for a costeffective meeting room rental solution with no ties and real flexibility.  And of course, if you’re a wellness or wellbeing professional that needs to move to another level, Brighter Spaces could well be your new home for many years to come.