World Travel Market & WordPress!

Back to the life on an intern – these past two weeks have been fun. I have a new love/hate relationship: WordPress. I used it on a simple level at university so luckily, I already knew the basics – but using it at meetingsclub is a whole new story. I decided that it was all about trial and error, so the first few days I decided to have a play around (without making it live obviously) and then I started to make things live, eek! I enjoy using it though I have to say, it’s all a bit exciting – it really is the small things!

On Tuesday, I was lucky enough to attend World Travel Market at ExCel London and wow, I thought the previous events I have been to were big. There were venues and suppliers from all around the world, although me and my colleague felt like we had walked around the world. It was fascinating to see how different cultures/countries sell their business. With Asia really standing out with their amazing dancers and cultural touches to their stands. I have never seen anything like it – some of the exhibitors stands really were special.

It was great to see what Hotel Camiral was up to and also great to meet new venues. Shout out to Colin and Jennifer from English Lakes Hotels Resorts and Venues and Magali from Great Western Railway – we really enjoyed meeting you and finding out all the exciting things that are happening. Also, Sarah and Ron from Seattle with a number of exciting opportunities. Overall, it was a really fun day and we definitely left with our heads buzzing!

Anyway, I thought I’d keep this one short and sweet.

The life of an intern ….