A little bit about me

A little bit about me

Putting a name to the tweets and updates – my name is Jess and I am the new digital marketing intern at meetingsclub. (PS, I do not always look like an egg) The reason for this particular photo is my favourite hobby is open water/club swimming; a lot of people think I am mad but I love the feeling of the openness of being outside and having the large expanse of water around me, the fresh air does wonders for the mind. Although sometimes I do wonder why I started this hobby when I am stood on the river bank in my costume, freezing cold and my coach is on the side, nice and cosy in their thermals and shouting jump! The coldest of water I’ve swam in was 12 degrees which definitely woke me up! I swim with my Auntie who is equally mad and has swam the ‘Bridge to Bridge” with no wetsuit, this is a 14km swimming event in the Thames, from Henley to Marlow bridge.  That is my next challenge but think I will be taking the wetsuit option!

My other passion is cooking, my speciality is a curry made from scratch, although I am 20 my Dad still likes to chip in with advice, I think he thinks he is going to be the next master chef!  Keep looking out as I am going to share some of my recipes.

Anyway, I am new to the industry, so please be nice.

My first week

I am so excited to learn about the industry and I know I am in the best hands with the meetingsclub team and all the great people that I am going to meet. My passion has always been social media and the impact it has on businesses, after being underestimated for a long time in the past, it’s great to see social media finally being used to its full affect. It is safe to say, my first week was full of learning and movement; well at least towards the kettle! Seriously though, I did not know that there is such a vast variety of venues for meetings and events. So many venues offer much more than just a meeting space, it has opened my eyes to the industry. I am the first to admit that I did not realise how much difference it makes to the success of an event if the venue gets the level of service spot on.

During my first week, industry lingo was being circulated everywhere and I was constantly feeling very confused, what’s an #eventprof!?  and #serviceisthesecret, this # is something that Alison (CEO meetingsclub) feels very passionately about and has first-hand experience of what an impact impressive service can make on a customer. At first, I was completely dazzled by the idea, but wow how true is this? At meetingsclub, the extra features that venues supply makes them extra special, the little things make the big difference and meetingsclub recognise that. We also believe that the staff contribute hugely to this, so I love our recognition for exceptional staff and its feature on the website. This concept is really about the venues that go the extra mile to ensure full satisfaction of visitors and places that do not just provide the essentials, but they notice the little things that make such a difference to the success of an event.  On a personal level, it is when people remember how I like my tea: a splash of milk and a quarter of a teaspoon of sugar (a little particular I know). 

I was lucky enough to attend the CHS group event in Birmingham. I got to meet so many venues and people in the industry whose passion is hospitality: including sporting, modern and tech savvy venues. Not forgetting the social media marketing talk by Jonny Ross at jrc agency, Jonny’s expertise were very insightful and he gave some great tips.

I have to say, for my first business event, I felt very professional… until I got my heel stuck in a drain, luckily a couple of very nice gentleman came to my rescue, managing to lift up the drain and pull my shoe out, of all the nights!

Since I was introduced to meetingsclub, editor’s destination was of interest to me. So, when I was offered the chance to assist in writing our next editors destination I jumped at the chance and made my way to Foxhills Club & Resort. When we were having a look at all the facilities it did take a bit of persuasion for me not to jump into the natural pool and have a swim! I loved the idea of writing this piece because it allows me to show my personality through my writing, adding a real personal touch to the venue. It is the best feeling that as a placement student, your opinion is wanted and can have an impact. Keep your eyes open for our next editor’s destinations coming soon.

I am sure you will be hearing a lot more from me and I would love to hear any tips that you think could help me.