Busy busy busy

It’s safe to say that I have got involved in a busy industry. I feel like I am finding my feet and this time not with my foot down a drain! I am really getting to grips with the lingo and I actually understand the ‘chat’ in the office now which is great. I definitely feel like ‘part of the crew’. For example, I am finally getting to grips with all the different room layouts; now I know that a cabaret room is not when there is a cabaret act involved (please don’t laugh). I also understand the real fancy terms like ‘theatre with BP’ and ‘classroom with BP’. Yes, I know, it really is the little things. I feel I am learning so much and I really do count myself very lucky.

Enough about me, the past two weeks has been full of social media, networking and events. I have also developed a love, hate relationship with photoshop; I mean, it’s great when it works and I love using it… however, when it decides to take 10 years to load up and then it crashes without saving, then I can safely say I hate it.

Onto a brighter note, on Tuesday I attended the South Hampshire PA networking event, as a sponsor with meetingsclub. Driving up I was feeling very nervous, but I plucked up the courage and spoke to a number of PA’s, telling them more about meetingsclub. They were all very lovely, which obviously helped with my nerves. Meeting Helen Rees, the founder of South Hampshire PA network, was great, I can say I am going to be learning from the best; she told me that she had been wondering who had taken over meetingsclub social media.

On Thursday I was so lucky to attend Marketo Nation Live and was overwhelmed by all the amazing marketing experts that were attending and speaking; I felt like a small fish in a big ocean. Briefly knowing how marketing has changed over the years, it was fascinating to hear why and how. Jamie Anderson, from Marketo, explained that “20 years ago, volume was primary to the marketing of a business, now value is”; personalisation is key. Jason Miller, global content marketing manager at LinkedIn, also gave a fascinating talk about all things storytelling and personalisation. He honestly was an inspirational speaker, showing so much enthusiasm and passion to what he does, not only as a marketing expert but an author and a Rock and Roll photographer. What I am going to take away with me is to stick to your values as a business – I know this is cliché, but it really does make you stand out. Be a Sheppard in a flock of sheep.

The life of an intern,