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Alison Jenkins

alison jenkins

founder & CEO

meetingsclub was born out of the founder, Alison’s, love for the hospitality industry and her passion and belief that ‘service is the secret’ and makes all the difference to the success of any business.

“Through meetingsclub I want to bring together venues and bookers who may never have known the other exists and through verified & trusted reviews, show meetings & event organisers which venues are passionate and successful at providing the best service possible”


The team at meetingsclub all share a passion for learning and what a better way of doing this but building a community of like minded people from all different industries who want to connect, share knowledge, help each other to progress    Welcome to the ‘members coffee lounge’  this is the heart of meetingsclub where you can network, connect with other members, gain new colleagues, make new friends, join groups with common interests, groups you want to learn from, gain inspiration from, share knowledge and experiences.

Join our ever growing community in the members coffee lounge



meetingsclub provides venues & suppliers with a platform to increase exposure to the world of bookers, grow traffic through reviews, network with clients, host educational events, market exclusive offers and create further brand confidence.

“feedback is always a gift”