welcome to the coffee lounge      

Alison Jenkins - founder & CEO meetingsclub

I am so excited to be officially launching our members coffee lounge club. The coffee lounge is the heart of meetingsclub where you can network, connect with other members, gain new colleagues, make new friends, join groups with common interests, groups you want to learn from, gain inspiration from, share knowledge and experiences.  Everyone can get involved, maybe you would like to start your own  group, something that you are passionate about and can help other people to learn, progress and succeed. Just let us know, the ‘club’ is for you. 

In your members area you can connect with other members, chat directly and join our forum chats. Getting together and chatting on a regular basis can be fun, informative and so important at challenging times that so many of our community are finding themselves in right now.

Joining the coffee lounge club doesn’t cost you a penny. Take a look, click on the members area link below and it’s completely up to you how you use the club, as much or a little as you like.

Please do let us have any feedback, the coffee lounge is a place for you and we are always looking at ways to enhance, change. improve and grow.

‘feedback is a gift’

I really hope you enjoy being part of our community.

Join our wonderful active and growing community. Connect with members and choose your favourites to follow. Network and join our groups & forums. 

Learn, share and enjoy !

meetingsclub members
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