Get ready to Party! Top Tips for Christmas Party Planners

Christmas parties for corporate groups are as popular as ever. And with many pre-Christmas dates likely to be fully booked by the end of September, the message is clear: Don’t hang around if you want to find the best party venue. But what makes a memorable party? What are the dos and don’ts? And how do you get more Turkey and party poppers for your pound? meetingsclub asked Louisa Watson, Marketing Director of great party venue Wyboston Lakes Resort for her TOP TEN TIPs when PARTY PLANNING

  • Check the temperature. Many “pop-up” party venues use marquees or temporary structures. When it’s Minus 10C outside, how warm will your guests be? Make sure the heat is on otherwise as the party planner, the heat will be on you!
  • It’s all about atmosphere. Check exactly what you’re going to get in your party package. Just what sort of decorations are included? Is it a themed event such a glamorous Great Gatsby party where everyone dresses up? Get the facts so there are no surprises.
  • Make it more than just a party. Hold a staff conference in the afternoon before the party starts or mix it up on the night by introducing company recognition awards.
  • Plan a party with the same attention to detail as you would any event. Let people know exactly what’s happening and what to expect. Create WhatsApp groups to build the excitement and get everyone in the party mood as well as providing that all important information on travel, wrapping up warm, wearing comfy shoes and dietary information.
  • Everyone likes a dance to all those Christmas classics so don’t forget to book the disco or live band if one’s not included. ‘Dad dancing’ is of course allowed!
  • Capture the moment for everyone. Install a photo or video booth. SMILE!
  • Haven’t got a large enough group to take over the entire venue? No problem, many venues have “joiner party” arrangements. But why not be a bit creative and hold a private drinks reception before joining all the other revellers?
  • Not everyone is Christmas Turkey fan so make sure ALL guest dietary requirements are taken into consideration and understood by the venue. There’s nothing worse than everyone tucking in only for one person on the table to be left out because their personal meal didn’t materialise.
  • We all like a good time, but set clear rules beforehand as to what is and isn’t acceptable. Make sure everyone in your group is old enough to drink and there is a clear policy everyone’s aware of when the “free” alcohol comes to an end. There’s nothing worse for guests, organisers and venues alike left trying to sort payment out after a few drinks!
  • Keep costs down and look for different price points and options. A a venue may have different standards of party packages and accommodation. Look to book “off peak” midweek nights or take advantage of how Christmas will fall in 2019 and book Sunday 22nd December. Or for real Scrooges, get the best deals like a hotelier and hold your party in January and have something to look forward to. Oh and it’s worth checking out with HMRC if your party qualifies for Tax reductions – every little helps.
  • Think about staying over and benefiting from discounted hotel bed rates. But make sure you’re fit to drive the next morning.

Christmas at Wyboston Lakes

Wyboston Christmas 3
Wyboston Christmas 1
Wyboston Lakes Hotel Christmas set up in the Winter Wonderland Marquee. December 2 2016

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