Dave Little, Leisure Services Manager, Wyboston Lakes Resort

A BIT ABOUT – Wyboston Lakes Resort       

Wyboston Lakes really is a resort with a difference! Dedicated meeting, training and event spaces are run by professionals right at the top of their game. A great choice of rooms are available, from interview assessment to large scale conference and exhibitions. Leisure facilities include spa and excellent fitness centre. There’s fantastic onsite teambuilding opportunities and for those looking for a golf course to hold a society or corporate golf day you need to look no further. Recently refurbished, the Woodlands Event Centre offers an oasis of carefully thought through event space, with future proof technology and an array of impressive eating options. Willows, a dedicated training centre provides exactly the right learning environment and great value for money pricing options are tailored to each event booked. But it is the staff that are the main reason why Wyboston should be at the top of your wish list as each member of the team working at this family owned business care and make every effort to exceed client expectations.

Beaming from ear to ear as he came to share his Time With thoughts, 72 year old Dave Little proudly announced he’d become a Grandad for the fifth time at 3.00am! Labrador lover and man in charge of the excellent Wyboston Golf Course, Dave is one of the longest serving members of the team and a great friend of the late Mr Peter Hutchinson, the entrepreneurial founder of Wyboston Lakes. Living on the course, Dave has seen many changes over the past 20 years and through is great passion and enthusiasm is one of the main reasons why Golf Societies and groups return year after year to play the course which he has nurtured and developed since it was an old gravel quarry. meetingsclub was delighted to spend Time With Dave, discovering amongst many things that he played drums as a teenager in a Jazz group call The Ivel River Boys even appearing on National TV as a fresh faced 15 year old.

Who has inspired you most in your career?

Without a doubt Peter Hutchinson, my boss, good friend and founder of Wyboston Lakes Ltd. He was an entrepreneurial spirit who had the vision back in the early 1980s to create the conference and training centres, serviced offices, hotel, spa and of course golf course. He was tremendously kind, you knew exactly where you stood with him and he had no airs and graces. I can’t speak highly enough of him.

If you could play golf anywhere in the World where would it be?

It would have to be Augusta, Georgia home of the MASTERS. It is such a beautiful course – I’d even be happy just to walk round. I also love playing golf at the Disney Courses in Florida.

Why is good customer service so important to you and the team at Wyboston Lakes?

It makes the job so much easier! All I want to see is people enjoying themselves and having a good time, that way they’ll come back. People’s expectations keep getting higher and it’s important to keep delivering particularly when bad news travels so quickly!

What piece of advice would you give your teenage self?

Work hard, always be honest but remember how important family life is.

What three things would you take to a Desert Island?

  1. My wife Sue
  2. My dog
  3. A fishing rod!

 What’s left to do on your bucket list?

Nothing! I’ve done it all. I’ve had a great life and long may it continue!

If you were the new Prime Minister, what would be the first thing that you would change?

I would come straight out of the EU because of all the rules and regulations which in the past nearly bankrupted me.

What have you learnt during your career?

Always treat work as if you were running your own business as that makes you think very clearly. And within reason if a customer asks for something the answer’s always yes. Plus, never forget to enjoy yourself but never at the expense of others.

What are the most significant differences you’ve seen over your working career at Wyboston Lakes Resort.

When I first came there was just a handful of employees. Now thanks to the growth of the hotel, training and conference centres there are well over 300 staff working here making us the biggest employer in the local area.

Do you have a pristine lawn at home?

Sadly it’s nowhere near as good as the golf course. But I do have one tip which I was once given for a good lawn and that is “always cut your lawn when it doesn’t need cutting and then it will never need cutting….”