Lucy Brazier’s Top Travel Tips

Lucy Brazier is one of the world’s leading authorities on the administrative profession. As CEO of Marcham Publishing, publisher of Executive Secretary Magazine, Lucy regularly travels over 100,000 miles a year.  In the last 12 months alone she has visited 41 different countries, speaking at a mind boggling 189 different conferences, training courses and special events.So who better than to share some Top Tips for busy travelling Executives? meetingsclub’s Mark Bailey managed to grab a few minutes with Lucy before she hopped on another plane.  

Lucy Brazier’s Personal Top 6 Travel Tips for International Executives: 


  • Choose an airline that you like and stick with them so you can quickly gain “Gold Status” – this will enable you to access First Class Lounges which offer a much calmer environment to work and get something to eat.  Gold Status also enables you to select your seat preference early eg an aisle seat.
  • Book a special meal which is served as soon as the flight takes.  You’ll get the chance get to sleep much quicker particularly on overnight flights.
  • Be “kinder to yourself” – try and fly a day before your engagement/meeting and get a massage if you’re flying long-haul.
  • Consider using a nasal gel to stop de-hydration when you’re breathing and drink lots and lots of water.
  • Get up regularly and wander around the plane.  Stretch exercises also keep the blood flowing and reduce the risk of DVT.
  • To combat jet lag, immediately set your watch when you get on the plane to the time of your end destination – and then when you arrive, carry on exactly the same as a local.  Also, a 20 minute nap can help boost energy levels.


And take a look at Matthew Want’s (EA to Lucy) great advice on how to help your boss when they are travelling on business abroad: 


  • Plan in advance particularly when it comes to Visa applications.  Try and apply online, but remember some countries require a face to face meeting before issuing a visa.  Plus, visa requirements can change so it’s always worth re-checking the current country entry status
  • Create a detailed itinerary from the first flight departure until to your Executive returns. Include all hotel and meetings and always have a copy of their Passport as this is invaluable if items such as phones or bags are stolen, and proof of identity and ownership is required
  • If things go wrong, don’t forget to use your overseas network of contacts to help
  • Research local customs and social/business etiquette in advance.  Remember when visiting Papua New Guinea to take a reciprocal gift for dinner!
  • Know what the local emergency numbers are for each country being visited – you never know when it might be needed!
  • Always be there for your boss – good communication is key!