Motivational Speakers Inspire Employees Even From Afar

Speakers Corner

Speakers Corner are a leading international speaker bureau, who recommend over 7,500 keynote, motivational and after dinner speakers, awards hosts and conference facilitators at over 1,000 events a year. Their team of experts pride themselves on providing a premium booking and consultancy service to clients. meetingsclub are grateful to Speakers Corner for this guest blog about motivational speakers from afar.

The current virus situation is having an impact on how we run events. But businesses, now more than ever, need to keep innovating, disrupting and being inspired.

Virtual events, otherwise known as webinars, are coming back in vogue during this difficult period. They are surprisingly quick and simple to set up, without the need to find a venue at short notice. And the best bit? Motivational speakers can still inspire employees, even from afar!

Of course, physical events are the best ways to meet. And we’re always going to promote that fact. However, during this interim period, it’s unfortunate we won’t be able to replicate the intensity and interaction that we, as social animals, need to be inspired.

So we need to come up with an interim solution. We are going to see social distancing measures for a short period and it’s vital we put in place measures to keep our employees inspired, motivated and innovating, while allowing senior leadership teams the opportunity to find a pathway through this disruption and come out the other side in a better shape.

One of the advantages virtual events provide is the intimacy they bring to proceedings. The speaker is able to be challenged on their viewpoints and respond to the questions posed by audience members, who naturally feel more open to asking questions in a digital environment. Furthermore, speakers have the time to really deep dive into the key issues affecting businesses and how to inspire employees to reach new heights.

Of course, there are always time constraints to any given speech. If the speaker runs out of time to answer all the questions, or if some require a more in-depth response, they can be provided via a post-event interview. This is in fact a wonderful opportunity for organisers to ensure the continuity of message from the webinar and deliver increased value to their attendees.

Businesses however should also consider virtual events as a pre-cursor to kicking off online coaching programs which employees can participate in to keep stimulation levels high and provide measurable goals to achieve during periods of isolation.

Speaker Nigel Barlow tells us “online coaching sessions can deliver, say, 70% of the effectiveness of a physical get-together”

Online coaching sessions can be produced as a follow-up to the virtual speech. These can typically include high performance teamwork, tackling major business challenges in a creative manner, examining transformation and, for leadership teams to evaluate performance.

This period in our history is one of the most challenging we’ll ever face. But it’s an opportunity to secure a high-profile speaker to inspire your teams that you may not be able to in ordinary times. Despite the interim position we find ourselves in, if we have the chance to hear the power of the spoken word from some of the greatest humans to grace our planet, then that’s one silver lining to this difficult period.

We would like to thank Speakers Corner, for this highly informative guest blog about motivational speakers from afar.