Scotch Egg – 144 On The Hill

Robert Duncan is the recently appointed Head Chef charged with running Richmond’s latest destination restaurant 144 On The Hill.  Classically trained, Robert is experienced in delivering Michelin/multiple rosette standard food over 20 twenty years in award winning restaurants. Robert joined Richmond Hill from Stoke Place Hotel, where he worked under David Jarram previously the head chef of Michelin starred Great Fosters.  Championing a ‘Turf to Table’ British menu embracing locally sourced ingredients with the emphasis on reducing the environmental footprint, meetingsclub would like to thank Robert for his scotch egg recipe.   


Serves 1

  • 150gm venison sausage 
  • Free range hen egg 
  • Egg wash  
  • Fresh breadcrumb 


  • The difficult task is the egg. It has to be soft boiled for 6 minutes, then cool down in icy water, remove shell carefully without damaging the egg (Top Tip: prep a few extra eggs) 
  • Open 150gm of venison sausage (other types of sausage will do, but make sure a minimum of 85% meat) 
  • Spread the sausage meat about 1cm thick in between 2 pieces of cling film.  
  • Place your egg in the middle, fold the sausage meat around, leaving no gaps 
  • Place in the fridge for few hours to get firm. Then you just need to bread it twice to avoid any ”surprises”.  
  • Fry to order at 145C for about 4 mins. Suggest serving with a remoulade, the French version of the coleslaw, made with grated celeriac