Woodhaven Space – Surrey

Update: 2022

Woodhaven Space - front of venue

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Turning into a quiet residential road in Woking and you could easily think you’d arrived at the wrong destination. Surely the smart modern house on the corner isn’t the venue you and your colleagues are going to spend an all-day meeting at? Well the good news is, if you’re in Kettlewell Close you’re in exactly the right place! The modern house in front of you is certainly no typical hotel or conference centre but instead an inspirational eco-building where the surprises are only just beginning. Welcome to Woodhaven Space!

Designed initially as a “healthy home” due to the fact that members of the family suffer from severe allergies, Woodhaven during the day is a highly impressive, fully functioning, event space. At night it reverts to a cosy family home. A superb fully equipped meeting room features the latest in presentation technology and five informal areas throughout the house offer space to breakout at any time. But there’s more. An indoor swimming pool and spa is a great place to relax, plus the delicious healthy food and made to order energising smoothies all made from scratch make this a unique and very special place.

The environment is perfect for exclusive private corporate retreats, senior assessment centres, or creative away days. Delegates and guests alike can really escape into what is quite literally, a “home from home”. Could Woodhaven Space be a blueprint for future living and business? Only time will tell, but our advice is to go and see for yourself as soon as possible, because once word gets out, it could be difficult to book because of its’ popularity.


Close to the M25 and M3 motorways. Trains to Woking from Waterloo take under half an hour and Woodhaven is just a short 12 minute walk from the station. 14 car parking spaces are available, but why not consider as many delegates do a car sharing option or coming by bike?


Something completely unique and different! An exclusive hire, eco-friendly event space within a beautifully designed house right in the middle of Surrey. The main meeting and events room comfortably accommodates 30 people with a choice of five breakout and chill room options throughout the building. Enjoy the beautiful outdoor gardens with three informal seating areas. Or if you fancy a relaxing swim or hydrotherapy session, don’t forget to bring your swimming costume. Food options are healthy and cater for all diets. And of course, no home is complete without a pet and Chloe, a beautiful Cockapoo is a friendly therapy dog that will melt anybody’s heart!


Here’s five really good reasons why you should consider booking Woodhaven Space:

Woodhaven Space - The Therapy Dog
Woodhaven Space - Rear Garden
Woodhaven Space - Dining & Seating Area



The welcome’s something you won’t forget in a hurry. Knock on the front door and you’ll be greeted like a long-lost friend by a beaming, friendly lady in a bright blue apron. It’s like coming home, which is just as it should be as the lady in blue is Nicky Yates, your host and Woodhaven Space is Nicky’s home!

Nicky and her husband Jeremy have had a unique vision. To use their beautifully designed home as a meeting, training and event space during the day. At night it’s family time!

One of life’s intuitive people, Nicky instinctively knows what to say, to whom, at exactly the right time. Delegates and guests are immediately put at ease on arrival, so important when creating the right positive environment to learn, develop and communicate. Reassuringly Nicky shows you around, explains how it all works and is always there when needed and busy in the background when she’s not.

It’s difficult not to feel immediately relaxed. Stresses from work and everyday life seem to literally disappear as you help yourself in the kitchen to a selection of high-quality beverages. Coffee lovers will be in heaven. Those preferring calming herbal teas will be spoilt for choice. There’s a ready filtered supply of cool still and sparkling waters all produced onsite, and everyone is positively encouraged to have a fresh fruit smoothie to start the day.

In the centre of the kitchen island – the heart of the home and the venue – steaming essential oils fill the air. Energising fragrances in the morning, invigorating after lunch and relaxing in the late afternoon.

Nicky is of firm opinion that producing the right environment means barriers are broken down, people feel better and in turn you get more from them. Her belief is firmly supported in feedback from event organisers and trainers who all wax lyrical. It’s impressive.

Woodhaven Space - front door
Woodhaven Space - Host Nicky
Woodhaven Space - Kitchen Island close up


Woodhaven is without doubt a uniquely stimulating venue for learning, development or any occasion when people need to get together in small groups to communicate. Clients book because they want to invest in their team and part of that is knowing that the venue offers exactly the right environment.

Exclusivity is always guaranteed – groups literally have the “run of the house” minus bedrooms.

The largest meeting room can comfortably host events of around 20 although if it’s a straightforward presentation, 40 delegates can be accommodated. The room is impressive. Natural light floods in via cleverly positioned glass mirror windows at the back of the room and controllable lighting programmes create a light and airy feeling. But it’s the inbuilt technical equipment and Wi-Fi systems that are particularly impressive. A huge 4K wall mounted monitor ensures everybody can see and a large moveable glass screen allows meeting facilitators to illustrate and capture feedback immediately from the audience. Techno-phobes will be comforted to know there are people to help hook up laptops or check sound levels if needed.

Special mention must be made of the two BT and Virgin Media fibre optic high speed broadband networks. It is very rare for any venue to have two systems running side by side. Neither has ever failed, but if one did during an important presentation or video conference call, there’s always a backup that can be activated at a click of a switch.

But perhaps Woodhaven really comes in to its own when it comes to the wide range of break out areas. Many people unsurprisingly congregate in the kitchen for a social chat. Others gravitate towards the drawing room, with bi-fold doors providing privacy if required. The dining room meanwhile is a natural space for more formal meetings. And of course, when the weather is fine, the patio area outside is ideal for groups of 6 to meet whilst watching colleagues let off steam playing badminton or taking part in a competitive game of croquet.

Woodhaven Space - U Shape
Woodhaven Space room layout
Woodhaven Space - The Lounge
Woodhaven Space - Play area
Woodhaven Space Board Room
Woodhaven Space - Break out
Woodhaven Space - meetingroom presenter


Wellness and wellbeing are very firmly on the mainstream agenda and as a venue, Woodhaven is at the cutting edge of design and thought. Members of Nicky’s family suffer from allergies and consequently there are no carpets and curtains, with hard floors making it difficult for dust mites to hide! These steps, together with ventilation systems offer serious respite to allergy sufferers.

Open plan, large bright areas give an overwhelming sense of space and the opportunity to relax during a busy day in a completely private, calm environment, away if desired from the “digital deluge”.

Mind and body thinking are centre stage. A water purification system is literally on tap importantly keeping delegates hydrated, vital for assessment centres and high powered meetings where concentration is key.

Down time and leisure facilities include numerous relaxation spaces and an impressive indoor spa and swimming pool. The pool is chlorine free thanks to the friendly use of oxygen and ozone. Or at lunchtime, head to nearby Horsell Common, a beautiful 355 hectare site of special scientific interest where you can take a stroll or ride a hire bike through heath and woodland.

Clearly Woodhaven takes wellness and wellbeing very seriously. So why not round off a full-on day, by taking part in a Yoga or Mindfulness session held in the oak studio?

Woodhaven Space - Indoor pool
Woodhaven Space - Twilight Garden
Woodhaven Space - Kitchen open


Woodhaven is described by Nicky as her “eco-smart building” and is of firm opinion that we all have a duty to put on the planet only things that we don’t take from it. She’s undertaken considerable research into ensuring the sustainability credentials are impeccable and tick every box. Materials from the old house have been recycled and used in the construction. The roof is made from natural clay roof tiles and there’s been an absolute focus on the use of British glass and stone with the feature oak and walnut staircase made in Suffolk a real centrepiece.

At considerable initial expense a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System (MVHR) has been installed. The MVHR provides fresh filtered air into the building whilst retaining most of the energy that has already been used in heating Woodhaven. It’s a modern-day solution to the ventilation in an energy efficient building and is truly impressive that every two hours the air is changed in the house, with fresh air in and stale air out ensuring everyone is energised throughout the day. But that’s not all. Wall to ceiling windows are triple glazed to conserve energy and on darker days the fully controllable energy efficient LED lights provide more than enough light to focus and concentrate.

The sustainable attention to detail is impressive with the thinking extending even before delegates and guests start their journey. Thanks to Nicky’s vision and suggestions, groups of people attending events are encouraged to car share to Woodhaven. The idea has been positively adopted by a number of different organisations attending events. Not only are 2/3 cars taken off the road, but people arrive having chatted together, breaking down barriers even before they receive the warm welcome at the door.

Could Woodhaven be the blue-print for future living and working as business and home seamlessly combine as one?

Woodhaven Space Sustainable
Woodhaven Space - Hall
Woodhaven Space - Chill out


No two events held at Woodhaven are ever the same. The same goes for the nutritious food options which are lovingly prepared often using delicious homegrown fruit, vegetables and herbs. Breakfast is a popular time, with homemade granola, yogurts, berries and juices and an unlimited supply of tea, coffee and filtered water.

Lunchtime and the kitchen island are awash with colourful, healthy foods. Bright red cubes of red cumin and chili. Curly garlic and lemon, cashew and mushroom dips. Mediterranean roasted vegetables mixed with seasonal salads. Poached chicken and salmon. And brown rice which ensures a slow release of energy throughout the afternoon.

Grab and graze food and fruit options are available throughout the day ensuring energy levels are kept high with nut, seed and dried fruits energy balls a favourite amongst younger attendees, who according to Nicky are “always hungry”. As you would expect, special attention is paid to dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and nut free. Sadly, lovers of beige buffets will be disappointed as they don’t appear on any menu!

And if you’re thinking of doing something a little different at a summer event, why not ring the changes in the beautiful garden with a BBQ for lunch or before people head home at the end of the day?

Woodhaven Space - H2O tap kitchen
Woodhaven Space - Kitchen bread
Woodhaven Space - Kitchen Island
Woodhaven Space - fine dining
Woodhaven Space Outdoor Dining


  • Woodhaven is a “house” and for those looking to hold a two or three day event the good news is that there are a number of different budget hotels all within close proximity
  • Need a “film” set for a video that you are thinking of producing? Woodhaven has many interesting internal backdrops and offers complete privacy
  • Your Sat Nav may take you a little down the road – look for the house on the corner and you know you’ve arrived
  • Nicky is a great supporter of local charities as part of her “Give Back” programme – ask for more details.


The picture of Nicky, her warm smile and blue apron will remain long in the mind of anybody who visits Woodhaven Space for an event. The very heart of this healthy eco-smart venue, Nicky’s vision of creating a sustainable business in her own home is inspired and worthy of support. An event oasis of peace and tranquillity, Woodhaven offers services, facilities and a positive experience that many venues can only ever dream of aspiring to. In days when you think you have seen and experienced everything, a visit to Woodhaven will be a complete mind opener and one unlikely to be forgotten.