Knights Templar



It is named after an ancient order of Warrior Monks - The Knights Templar. Hugues de Payens, Geoffroy de St Omer and seven other French knights founded the order, in Jerusalem, in 1118. King Baldwin II, the French king of Jerusalem (1118-1131), installed the order's residence, stables and armoury in the part of his palace which was on the site of Solomon's Temple, from which the order took its name - Knight of the Temple or Templars. The Knights Templar features heavily in The Da Vinci Code - if you look really carefully, during the scene featuring Middle Temple Church, you may spot our beautiful pub.

Max Capacity: 8 /
No capacities available


95 Chancery Lane,
Greater London,
United Kingdom

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  • London City Airport (6.9 miles)
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    • M1 JCT 1 (6.3 miles)
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